Monday, 5 August 2013

Tweet Twoo x

I do love a bit of design research. I could spend hours collating different imagery & ideas before homing in on particular trends, creating moodboards & design concepts. 
I spent some time today reminding myself of work I have developed in previous seasons & came across this little number which I think is very apt. Owls seem to be everywhere at the moment & so I leave you with my design board from early last year. How time flies x

Monday, 29 July 2013

Wow guys, It's certainly been a while & as I embark on a new direction with my freelancing , my blog comes in to play again. This willl again be my way of communicating new designs & trends going forward.

So why the long break I hear you ask ? Well , with 2 ickle boys to now look after & freelancing keeping me very busy on a part-time basis, I just never found the time for this little addition & as I wasn't craving new design work & opportunities, it took a little back seat.

I am however planning on ditching maternity leave in a few months time & so the portfolio needs to get back upto date & the creative juices need get flowing....... so stay tuned.
 See you all soon x

P.s. here is a little snippet of work to follow........

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well so much for keeping on top of this blogging lark ! Busy few weeks & so as always this has to take a back seat but I thought it was important I spent just a few hours this morning updating you on a few projects I have been working on & hopefully add a few colourful boards on here !

So firstly I found out I was on Rachael Taylor's blog yesterday which was a nice suprise !

So my 'ickle friends' number made a little appearance in a few different colourways ! Really like this design & glad it got picked to be showcased x yippeee x x

 Please note all designs are copyright to Diane Davies 2012 & these designs are my own so please be respectful of this x

Do you like ?!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Morning all. Well I decided I needed to make a trip to the trend resource : Weconnectfashion.
It's great to begin to see the trend forecasts coming through for AW13/14. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to show you some snippets of the research I have been gathering for particular markets .Stay tuned x 

Anyroad I came across both the Menswear & Ladieswear fashion snoops reports that I thought might be of interest. Please do try to head over to Weconnectfashion as it is a great resource & gives a good insight to what's hot !

I work across a few areas within garment design so do find these reports very helpful when beginning on the next season's research path. I am certainly liking the tribal mountaineer & looking forward to absorbing more information on these trends !

Well I hope you have found them a little useful this morning & head back tomorrow for the ladieswear report from FashionSnoop.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

It was our wedding anniversary earlier in the week & so on the theme of L.o.v.e I thought I would show you these below designs that I have created. I had orginally designed these with mother's day in mind ! A few quirky options that actually could translate well over a number of card products.

What do you think ?

Enjoy your weekend ! The sun is certainly shining x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Watch this Space........

Hey all, as some of you will have noticed my blog is at long last getting some much needed attention.

Do bare with me while I get this up todate & hopefully get some fun-loving prints & designs on here to show you .

Also don't forget to rummage through my blog posts as I do tend to show snippets of other work I am currently doing x

See you all soon x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Oh Hush..........

So this weather is beginning to really drive me potty now ! How do we decide what outfit to wear when one minute it's sunny & then next raining away ! huh.....on that note a little placement for you x

Enjoy your day, I am on a design mission x x