As some of you will already know I did have another ickle blog which was for any wedding bride to be. Full of scrumptious posts to inspire, I really enjoyed this little project as it got my  creative juices flowing & I was really loving the adventure of it. I started it after my own wedding in 2009 after I designed & made my own wedding dress ! Yep, you heard me right !

 But with Freelance design work taking up a large amount of my time  & then getting pregnant with my now ickle boy : Spencer.R, Dainty B took a back seat & it's now time to focus in again but it will be taking on a new direction.  

Below is just a little snippet of the wedding treats that I designed & created for our special day back in 2009  x The dress was a home made creation from moi, with a lot of time & love that went into it ! Enjoy x x

Also keep a look out for my phrase of the week. A few wise words from others to make you smile & think about. x

Therefore Dainty B is no longer, but do please head over if you haven't already so you can see the previous posts I did & view my individual style further as I am sure you will get a better idea of moi from