Monday, 27 February 2012

Catwalk Crazy........

Blimey Riley, what a mad week it's been ! We have finally moved house which was actually quite a stress-free time & hubby had the week off so planned to get the new house in ship shape order, shop till we dropped at all the furniture stores & get lots of odd jobs done ! hhhmmmm, didn't quite happen how I had imagined. The week started off as planned but then baba Spencer got ill ( & is still a little under the weather ) I then had a day out of action as caught the cold bug & then ste got it ! On a positive internet was very straight going & nearly all the boxes have been unpacked it's just a matter of finding homes for everything.
So back to work mode & I have a lot of work to catch up on including the amazing LFW that I still haven't had chance to really focus on yet! So for today a little catwalk teeser. I will be posting my key loves later in the week but felt we needed a little bit of colour on the post today !
By the very fashionable Burberry, this ickle number caught my eye with the cutsy bow detailing at the shoulder & the very quirky centre back zip ! Like it ! Lovely warm mix of colours, yummy x

Image taken from the very wonderful

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Our perfect day......

Well as you have probably noticed I have been away from the blog for a few days & didn't get chance to post this little number before my very exciting house move ! 

So even though it is a little bit late for love week I thought I would show you a sneak peek of our special day anyway ! Enjoy & I will be back to work by the end of this week so stay tuned for some more exciting posts !

So I thought I would show you a little snippet of the most  loved up day of my life, our wedding day 24.05.09. This & the birth of our baby boy Spencer are the most special to me & the lead up to our big day was as you can imagine a little hectic.
As I have experience in pattern making & design I really wanted to stretch myself & attempt to make my own wedding dress ! Something I hadn't done before but you have to learn at some point right ? So here are a few pics of the final creation. Made all by myself. For more on our special day go to Rock my wedding , where our day was posted for all to see. x

 This is me if you haven't already guessed it ! hee hee

Well that's all for today but do head to Rock my wedding for more on our special day ! 

I am still on a little vacation from work till the end of the week while we attempt to unpack everything so do head back next week for more scrumptious posts x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

More love prints you say ?

As promised here are a few additional print options for you. Still finalising the colour palette but here are one or two options that I am quite fond of x

Enjoy your day peeps, & don't forget about tomorrow's wedding day treat ! Can't wait to share with you a few pics from our big day x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More tea vicar ?

As it's love week here on the blog, I thought I would share with you a little more on my favourite thing ever, tea ! A cuppa first thing in the morning really perks me up ready for the day ahead & so I thought I would have a little rummage on the internet to see what tea finds caught my eye ! First stop : Notonthehighstreet :

This adorable badge made me giggle this morning so deserved a mention. By the lovely Jim Jam sandwich it's quirky & even the name makes me smile !

Then below we have these cutsy cards by buttongirl designs

I love mixing print within shapes, it's my cup of tea shall we say ! He he x x

Random post but why the hell not! Make sure you head back tomorrow for a few more L.O.V.E prints & then Friday I plan to share with you photos from our wedding day ! Pictures galore. Not sure if you have read in a previous post but I actually made my wedding gown all by myself ! Yep, not an easy task but so pleased I did & you can hear more about this on Friday. Excited just thinking about it ! x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Loved up .............

So here we go, a few seasonal options for you to have a nosy at !
I have a file full of these so do head back on thursday as I plan to show you just a few more options !

Monday, 13 February 2012

L.O.V.E week..........

Morning all,

We do realise what day it is tomorrow don't we ? Yep the very romantic 14th of Feb ! Which means I have decided to overload you with some seasonal work I have been developing for the very loved up valentine's occasion !
So after doing a few hours of internet research & as always visiting my favourite Asos site here are a few of my delights !

I came across a lot of love heart designs from fashion to stationary to gifting so here is a few more of my favourite finds :

These two options are very girly & feminine x

I like this below number mainly for the very small AOP used ! Mini seems to be the way forward !

Just a few of a number of loved up options out there on the high street. Head back tomorrow & I will show you a few design developments I have been working on !

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The lovely Anthropologie.

Sorry the posts have been a little sparce this week. It's been a tad busy in the office so this has taken a little back seat ! Boo hoo ! Also fingers crossed we are moving house shortly so while I have a few posts lined up next week I will then be taking a mini break while I settle in to the new house as well as work my magic on my soon to be new office ! At long last.

  Anyway I was doing the old twittering earlier in the week & came across a tweet for Anthropologie. & look at the vibrant collection of window displays on offer for the Spring season ! Such a fun array of colour ! These where my favourites of a huge bunch of imagery at Anthropologie's Facebook page so do go & check it out !

I love the quirky use of the Paint pots on the back wall ! Really Striking !

Then we have paint brushes !

These two pictures are just fab ! Love the neon colour usage in the paint jars ! Very quirky !

Glad to see the colour mix I am working on at the moment sits in well with other High end stores !

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A few more design boards........

Very brief post as it is the weekend after all but here is a little snippet of an additional 'ditsy' floral board I developed ! Working on other colourways at the moment so hopefully have a few other options on here soon !

Night all x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fashion Snoops x

Interesting, just got a email from one of the trend forecast houses: Fashionsnoops. Check out that link for more details !
Any how one of the SS13 trend boards sent through was in fact 'Garden Party'! Glad to see my little ditsy numbers are sitting in with key looks showing through for SS13 ! yey x  

Prints overload !

Well hello peeps,

Thought I would share with you some girlswear prints I have been working on ! Ditsy overload !

So which is your favourite colourway ? hhhhmmmm, I can't decide either but I have more colour options saved down so have a few to pick from. I have also collated some larger scale options too so hopefully show you a sneak peek some time soon x

Enjoy your day x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Look what I bought !

Ok peeps, look what I got my hands on last week ! Yep, Mudpie have a new downloadable Autumn / Winter 13/14 Magazine for only £9.99 !

 So I couldn't resist & I tell you it has 63 pages of trend bliss ! I still have a lot of night time reading to do but I was very impressed from what I have first read & am looking forward to getting my design juices flowing !

So I know it's a little naughty but here is a tiny taster of what's included ! It's a lot of reading but I am sure once I have studied this I will know what direction to go in for AW 13/14 research ! Shame I am still on SS13 ! Hee hee ! Think I might hold off reading it actually until I finish this season, don't want to confusion one self !

So here they are, a few snippets from the downloadable pdf !
& this is one of the key trends that is showing through !

I like the layout of the pages too, really works with research imagery as the main content but with a few technical drawings in small scale to complete the board !

& of course they look at catwalk collections as inspiration too

Well hope that little insight was of interest & don't forget you can download it at Mudpie now.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A little announcement......

Good Morning all,

So I am very excited to say at long last that I  am one of the design contributors for Module 2 of  the very creative design course :

For some time I have been collating a report of work that will be used in reference to Rachael's course & showcased with other contributors including leading experts in the surface pattern design field : Trend Bible, Tigerprint, Print & Pattern, Lemon Ribbon & many many more ! The experts include trend companies, leading design bloggers, authors, trade show executives and pattern buyers. See my ickle logo design below & click on the additional link for an update of all the other amazing expert contributors connected with this course!

Click h.e.r.e 

Wanna know what is in store ? Well, I'm afraid you will have to register for Module 2. If like me you are already working in the classroom, then keep an eye out as I should be making an appearance in the next few weeks ! Oh & I believe there will be a little suprise brief in store for you ! hee  hee x

Hope you enjoy & see you all in the classroom. x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I really adore this ...........

So as I scanned my monthly Elle magazine yesterday I came across a little informative mention about the blogger Fifi-lapin designing a collection with Juicy Couture ! So I went to investigate further & came across a very exciting array of treats !

So I first came across Fifi-lapin some time ago now when I bought a little t-shirt number from the kidswear department that had a very adorable illustration on it ! Then I received a very quirky card number from a close friend & I have been hooked on
the fashionista herself ever since!

So let's just dive in & see what treats Juicy Couture have for us to buy !

Well this is scrumptious. In fact both of these are ! Can't decide which I prefer! Hubby, hope you are reading this & take the hint that these are so up my street !!

Look at these ickle numbers below too ! It's $18.00 for these sketchbooks but that's because they are made for Juicy Couture & are so delightful so I would probably still buy one !
Too Cute !

Then we have a little collection of  cards ! At a pricey $24.00, bit steep I know, but still adorable designs by Fifi-Lapin !

So anyone else a fan ?!

I wanted to order the book some time ago now but it was old out, however I was excited to find out that you can pre-order the next addition that is due to be released in March at Amazon !
I am on it !

I love her !  'Style secrets from a fussy Fashionista' !! How fab is that !
I also found her on twitter yesterday ! Eeek, check her out at @fifilapin. I am her new stacker ! hee hee x