Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well so much for keeping on top of this blogging lark ! Busy few weeks & so as always this has to take a back seat but I thought it was important I spent just a few hours this morning updating you on a few projects I have been working on & hopefully add a few colourful boards on here !

So firstly I found out I was on Rachael Taylor's blog yesterday which was a nice suprise !

So my 'ickle friends' number made a little appearance in a few different colourways ! Really like this design & glad it got picked to be showcased x yippeee x x

 Please note all designs are copyright to Diane Davies 2012 & these designs are my own so please be respectful of this x

Do you like ?!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Morning all. Well I decided I needed to make a trip to the trend resource : Weconnectfashion.
It's great to begin to see the trend forecasts coming through for AW13/14. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to show you some snippets of the research I have been gathering for particular markets .Stay tuned x 

Anyroad I came across both the Menswear & Ladieswear fashion snoops reports that I thought might be of interest. Please do try to head over to Weconnectfashion as it is a great resource & gives a good insight to what's hot !

I work across a few areas within garment design so do find these reports very helpful when beginning on the next season's research path. I am certainly liking the tribal mountaineer & looking forward to absorbing more information on these trends !

Well I hope you have found them a little useful this morning & head back tomorrow for the ladieswear report from FashionSnoop.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

It was our wedding anniversary earlier in the week & so on the theme of L.o.v.e I thought I would show you these below designs that I have created. I had orginally designed these with mother's day in mind ! A few quirky options that actually could translate well over a number of card products.

What do you think ?

Enjoy your weekend ! The sun is certainly shining x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Watch this Space........

Hey all, as some of you will have noticed my blog is at long last getting some much needed attention.

Do bare with me while I get this up todate & hopefully get some fun-loving prints & designs on here to show you .

Also don't forget to rummage through my blog posts as I do tend to show snippets of other work I am currently doing x

See you all soon x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Oh Hush..........

So this weather is beginning to really drive me potty now ! How do we decide what outfit to wear when one minute it's sunny & then next raining away ! huh.....on that note a little placement for you x

Enjoy your day, I am on a design mission x x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Well hello to all.

Just a little catch up for today. I am really getting my teeth into some new design work at the moment as well as continueing on with my ickle prints venture & getting everything ready for launch !
I have also had time to experiment further with some garment design work & loving where it is all heading ! 
Here are a few sneek peaks for you all to nosy at this morning ! Hope it floats your boat !  

Ennjoy your day peeps x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hey all. Having a busy few weeks trying to finalise my design range that I am going to be selling via facebook & on Etsy .

Here is a snippet of one of the boyswear options. This has been my first paid order & I haven't even gone live yet ! Not bad start hey ! x

This particular design is printed onto canvas at a professional prints & looks divine in the A4 mount.

Larger designs are sent in the funky spotted envelopes which are padded for extra protection !
I also include a gift message within the print to complete the parcel x
& last but not least we add a cutsy pattern sticker to the back of the wallet .

   Well if you like what you see please do head over to my facebook page & give me a thumbs up as Ickle Prints needs your help to get this new venture viewed by all x


Enjoy x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Gulp it's May !

A little time -out !

Hey guys as you can see once again I have been away from the blog for a week or so now ! It's been busy in our house hold & then this weekend I had my little boy's first birthday which was really lovely ! Anyway let's keep it short but sweet tonight !
I am currently working on a lot of new material & do hope to show snippets on here eventually but for tonight a peek at one of my design boards !

night all x See you soon x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I digressed..........

Sorry I didn't quite make it to doing a posting yesterday ! Time ran away with me as usual & so instead we have a post for you today , mid-week & also known as Wonderful Wednesday x x All worked out dandy in the end !

So , yep all invites have been given out ( bar 1 ) & so I can show you a little bit more of the finished creations that had me making a mess all over the floor at the weekend & also creating a small ladder rip in my very new jeans. boo hoo !

Actually let's stop there as I  must elaborate on that story as I am quite gutted by this occurrence & ready to complain to the high street store in question very shortly ! So I bought these pair of jeans last Thursday, ( yes that is currently less than a week ) & was so happy with my purchase as I find it hard to find trousers that tick the shorter length box but fit nicely around the bottom & that are also v comfy ! This pair of jeans where perfect ! Or so I thought ! I wore them twice & went on and on to hubby about how happy I was with them & how at last I had some jeans that I could wear with my tops instead of wearing leggings that kept showing my bum off ( un-intentionally that is )
Now surely jeans should be quite durable and ye ok I have knobbly knees but beginning to ladder wrip at the knees after wearing them twice is C.R.A.Z.Y. talk !  
Gutted........Now I have to venture back to town pronto as I am once again missing an important staple piece from my wardrobe. I must attempt to take them back complaining that even though they do have a worn affect to the jeans , laddering in denim so soon surely is classed as faulty! I  wonder how I get on ! hhhmmmmm, I just hope they do have another shorter leg option in store so I can hopefully exchange for the same ones as I did love this pair ! I will of course have to take extra care to never bend down & fold my knees again ! With a 1 year old this is unlikely !

Opppsss, that was a random post ! So I leave you today with a quirky saying that seems quite apt tonight as I write this ! Or last night to you now reading it today x hee hee

Please note all imagery & designs on here are copyright of Diane Davies 2012 including the above ! Though the saying itself you are welcome to use ! he he x

Pictures of Spencer's invites will therefore follow another day instead ! Sorry for the switch in topics !
Enjoy your day peeps x

Monday, 16 April 2012

Spencer is nearly 1. x

Morning, Morning.

So it's my baby boy's first birthday coming up & with a party planned in for the end of April I thought I best find some time to develop the invites for his ickle friends !

I have had a very creative month. It's kinda like a pick and mix bag at the moment, not sure what sweet is going to come out next but liking the variety.
I have been developing my style with a selection of different prints, & dipping my fingers into a few new work avenues which has been great fun but also meant I have been a bit on the busy side. Also as I have mentioned previously I am in the process of starting a little venture selling personalised prints & plan to show you more of that in the next few weeks but for now let's talk kid's invites.

So for Spencer's birthday we are off to Windmill farm ! This is in the North-west of England & is a great place for the kids.We first went there as a family before Christmas & this inspired me to do a little choo choo collection including the below :

We loved it & I got very excited back then at the thought of making this the location for his  very 1st birthday party !
So here is a little snippet of his invite! Main post to follow tomorrow with lots of close-up images for you all x

Do you like what you see ? Then head back tomorra for more close-up shots of his invites designed by little old me x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Morning all,

I made another trip over to WeconnectFashion earlier this week and came across another trend report from the trendsetters : TrendBible.
  These are my favourite boards of a colourful bunch so make sure you head over to check out the other options available at Weconnectfashion as it is a great research source !!

Gorgeous Colour palette ! So fresh & love the aqua hues x yummy x

Tribal influences are very on trend at the moment & are set to continue for next SS13. Love how they cross over to lifestyle too. x

Right I am off . Got a few hours booked in the the computer, developing ideas on my new ickle venture & then it's family day with hubby and Spencer x yippee

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hello all, Having a few productive days in the office & got some more print options developed ! Would you like to see ?
These are my ickle ladybird range ! Only showing you a snippet of course as can't give all my design secrets away !

Enjoy x

Monday, 9 April 2012

New Venture !

Eeeeek, Easter has past & once again the blog is getting neglected ! Di, what is going on ? Well I am currently working on a new venture as well as trying to keep on top of other work avenues & my over active ickle boy Spencer, so as per usual this is put on the back burner.

So the little venture I hear you mutter is currently 'work in progress' but does involve selling a selection of quirky & hopefully individual prints from designs I have created myself ! These will mainly be personalised prints but I have a few other options up my sleeve ( if I can find the time to develop it further that is ) ! So would love it if you can head over to my new facebook page & give it a thumbs up if it floats your boat !

Here is one I made earlier ! A quirky & fun boy's print that  I can personalise with your son's name / date of birth & weight !

So don't forget to head over to facebook & give me a 'like' & I will keep you all upto date on the developments of my ickle venture !

Enjoy x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A snippet ...........

As some of you might already know I am one of a big bunch of contributors to the amazing & very inspirational e-course :
The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design featuring Rachael Taylor’. As described, it is the definitive guide to becoming a surface pattern designer & Wow it's been impressive so far ! Module 2 of 3 courses is now complete & I am still trying to find time to catch up with all the design exercises but am loving every minute of it x
I wanted to just show you a snippet of the work I produced for the course which you can view in full if you register for Module two for this particular trend report. x

Taking inspiration at the time from the Spring / Summer catwalks of Prada & Marc Jacobs to name a few which you can view at here

I picked up on the 50's influences showing through on the catwalk with playful prints catching my eye !

Kept it short but sweet ladies, I can't be giving all the trend secrets away x

See you all soon peeps.
Sorry the blog is a little sparce on the posts once again, I am currently giving my portfolio a bit of love as well as finishing some work off for a few clients but do stay tuned as I hope to update soon !

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Print & Pattern Submissions.

As some one of you will have noticed Print & Pattern recently did a calling for submissions to her most recent book development..wait for it... for Kids !

Eeek, my favourite line of work & something I was very excited about entering my work for. I did end up being a little rushed before the deadline as usual but just made it , & sent over a few options so I have my fingers & toes crossed that they get selected to be in her up & coming book x

Here is a little snippet for you all to see ! Hope you like x

Does this one look familar ? Yep, I recently added this as my twitter background layout & think it works a treat!
Do you agree? x

See you all soon x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Olympics 2012......

Well it's not long till Olympics 2012 & with the launch of the uniforms which were designed by the amazing Stella Mccartney last week, I thought I would share with you my little number! My thoughts are that this trendy crop top design would be a great piece to add to the sports events , what do you think ?

& why not team it up with my bag designs I put together late last year ! x

hee hee x Hope you like !

All design work is copyright to Diane Davies 2012 x
What a difference a day makes, 24 ickle hours ! Love that song, Anyway , yes I am back to the blog & thought I would share with you some trend reports from Weconnectfashion. I have been checking out the kids lifestyle report for SS13 by the wonderful Trend Bible , so here it is guys x . I also went over to their blog & came across the Kids lifestyle report for AW 12 /13 too so do make sure you make a trip as it is filled with inspiration !

I love the colour usage on all these stories & really like the layout of the trend boards !

As I have mentioned on a few occasions now Weconnectfashion is a great way to look at the most recent reports from the amazing trend companies that would normally be out of reach for the majority of us due to pricing.

So which trend is your favourite out of the above ?!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Getting there slowely .........

Morning all.

As you may have noticed I have been a tad busy the last few weeks so posts have been a little on the sparce side ! Last night I decided it was time to give my twitter page a bit of love as well as collate a collection of posts for you to read on the blog later this week. Right time for a cuppa tea & then I can go cross another thing off my never-ending list ! yippee x

Hope you like my new profile logo, which has been added to my twitter account a long with a new quirky background number! Make sure you go check it out ! x