Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I digressed..........

Sorry I didn't quite make it to doing a posting yesterday ! Time ran away with me as usual & so instead we have a post for you today , mid-week & also known as Wonderful Wednesday x x All worked out dandy in the end !

So , yep all invites have been given out ( bar 1 ) & so I can show you a little bit more of the finished creations that had me making a mess all over the floor at the weekend & also creating a small ladder rip in my very new jeans. boo hoo !

Actually let's stop there as I  must elaborate on that story as I am quite gutted by this occurrence & ready to complain to the high street store in question very shortly ! So I bought these pair of jeans last Thursday, ( yes that is currently less than a week ) & was so happy with my purchase as I find it hard to find trousers that tick the shorter length box but fit nicely around the bottom & that are also v comfy ! This pair of jeans where perfect ! Or so I thought ! I wore them twice & went on and on to hubby about how happy I was with them & how at last I had some jeans that I could wear with my tops instead of wearing leggings that kept showing my bum off ( un-intentionally that is )
Now surely jeans should be quite durable and ye ok I have knobbly knees but beginning to ladder wrip at the knees after wearing them twice is C.R.A.Z.Y. talk !  
Gutted........Now I have to venture back to town pronto as I am once again missing an important staple piece from my wardrobe. I must attempt to take them back complaining that even though they do have a worn affect to the jeans , laddering in denim so soon surely is classed as faulty! I  wonder how I get on ! hhhmmmmm, I just hope they do have another shorter leg option in store so I can hopefully exchange for the same ones as I did love this pair ! I will of course have to take extra care to never bend down & fold my knees again ! With a 1 year old this is unlikely !

Opppsss, that was a random post ! So I leave you today with a quirky saying that seems quite apt tonight as I write this ! Or last night to you now reading it today x hee hee

Please note all imagery & designs on here are copyright of Diane Davies 2012 including the above ! Though the saying itself you are welcome to use ! he he x

Pictures of Spencer's invites will therefore follow another day instead ! Sorry for the switch in topics !
Enjoy your day peeps x

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