Monday, 16 April 2012

Spencer is nearly 1. x

Morning, Morning.

So it's my baby boy's first birthday coming up & with a party planned in for the end of April I thought I best find some time to develop the invites for his ickle friends !

I have had a very creative month. It's kinda like a pick and mix bag at the moment, not sure what sweet is going to come out next but liking the variety.
I have been developing my style with a selection of different prints, & dipping my fingers into a few new work avenues which has been great fun but also meant I have been a bit on the busy side. Also as I have mentioned previously I am in the process of starting a little venture selling personalised prints & plan to show you more of that in the next few weeks but for now let's talk kid's invites.

So for Spencer's birthday we are off to Windmill farm ! This is in the North-west of England & is a great place for the kids.We first went there as a family before Christmas & this inspired me to do a little choo choo collection including the below :

We loved it & I got very excited back then at the thought of making this the location for his  very 1st birthday party !
So here is a little snippet of his invite! Main post to follow tomorrow with lots of close-up images for you all x

Do you like what you see ? Then head back tomorra for more close-up shots of his invites designed by little old me x

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