Thursday, 20 October 2011

Creative juices are flowing.....

I came across the below blog a few days ago after checking out the winner of the monthly competition on tigerprint. a gorgeous website / blog showcasing all her design work & creations for others to see. This site really inspired me. In some of Vanessa's earlier blog posts she shows an image she has collected & the colour palette she then works from for her design work.

Back at university this is the way we worked & I loved it but working within the industry time isn't always on your side when it comes to getting ranges developed & so the research element is normally cut a little short. So going forward I need to make sure I start at the beginning. I want to create individual & unique work which has my personal stamp to it & so to do that I  first need to start with a theme / a colour palette before researching further & letting my imagination run away with me in creating a collection true to moi.

With this in mind I am starting from the beginning :
Theme :Say-No-to-Flowers !
Ok, before I show my initial ideas surrounding this image & colour palette I need to explain the title !
I love flowers ( can't look after them mind, always forget to water them ) Anyway......yes I love flowers & see a lot of design work based around flowers. Gorgeous , gorgeous ideas but while I am inspired by this image, this print story isn't going down that road! I took this photo quite a few years ago now when I went travelling around italy & I love the mix in colours. I hope you like & keep a look out for my design board over the weekend which will hopefully give you a little more insight into the way I work.

Enjoy your day peeps. x
ickle di

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