Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Not a winner today, but hey ho ........

Well good morning all. Just a brief update today with some other scrumptious posts planned for later in the week.

It was judging day today at tigerprint for one of the many competitions they do on their site. It looks like I wasn't a winner but I am hardly suprised with the large amount of entries & wonderful designs submitted. They have just added an update on to their blog & it made me smile to see my design up there on the wall. As I start to get back into the design world it is important for me to get creative in everyway possible & I really enjoy spending a bit of time entering these competitions.

Look what pictures I came across on the tigerprint website ! There's a few showing my designs too :) x

Can you see my designs ? Second row up from the bottom ! I went for simple options for this brief as for me the wording used was the most important & I wanted the design used to compliment it but be secondary to the text!  

There are some very colourful & detailed options above & a lot of talented peeps!

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