Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hello All,

As you can see the posts are a little sparse at the moment. With Christmas not too far away & a few projects I am trying to complete, unfortunately this isn't at the top of the list ! I do however want to share with you a few of my experimental colour boards I have been working on  for ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design featuring Rachael Taylor.

Module one consisted of four week's worth of daily & scrumptious posts that included design exercises & interviews  with some amazing industry experts. This course has really inspired me ! The first Module is now over but you can still register for 2 & 3 & they also plan to re-run Module 1 in 2012 which is good news.

While I have really enjoyed reading the daily updates, I haven't had enough time in my day to develop the ideas further. This has been very frustrating as I have a million ickle things running around in my brain & I need to dedicate some time to develop these ideas further. I think the Christmas break will be one of mince pies, mulled wine & doodle overload ! Love it x x he he

I did however get chance to experiment a tad with some colour palettes over the weekend & here are a few boards in progress.

I have taken inspiration from my travels for all these colourways ! Some images are a little bit random but it turns out they actually supplied me with some unique ideas & colour options ! See what you think !

I love this picture ! How can this petite guy carry such a large crate of boxes !! This was taken by the docks in Dubai & I find it really quirky & have been developing some prints based around this image so do head back in a few days for examples x

This glistening image above was captured from our hotel window in Singapore !

& last but not least this one really makes me giggle! When we were in Dubai we were lucky enough to be able to go to the desert ( is it desert or dessert ? ) for a four by four adventure road trip ! & I captured this when we were stuck at the top edge of a huge sand dune !

 What's also great about this course is even though the daily posts are no more, the course is still open to view by it's members for some time yet. This means I can keep heading back to be re-inspired & get my design juices flowing. yippppeeeeee x  

Don't forget to check out the course & Rachael's work further if you haven't already! Click here ! 

I hope to show you a few examples of the patterns I am working on over the next few weeks so please do head back ! x

Enjoy your day peeps x

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