Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pattern adore continued........

To follow on from my 'adore' boards I posted on here yesterday I thought I would have a little rummage around on the internet & see what prints are currently in store that really catch my eye ! So for today, have a good nosy at the options I came across at Asos that really intrigued me .....

I am liking these cutsy bows ! It has a very hand drawn feel to it as well ! Thumbs up from me x

Then we have this little number ! While I do try & move away from the flower power designs myself, I do love the colour usage in this option !

The highlight electric blue & bright orange really work here ! I could imagine this print on a large selection of stationary options too ! I personally would like to see this as a long scarf ! Would work really well me thinks !

This is a quirky little option. With a bold orange background & outline drawings there is something about this that I really like ! The actual design of the man with the big hat isn't my cup of tea but I do like the way the thin black outline works on the print ! Interesting .......

Then last but not least ! This t-shirt is quite cute ! I like the lettering used here  but would have prefered to see it used on some pj's ! With an AOP option for the bottoms. But again just my opinion !

Talking of Pyjama's, I hope to show you a selection of design garment boards I produced a few years ago now when I did some licensed design work for 'Hello Kitty' & 'bubblegum'. Stay tuned ! x

See you all soon x

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