Monday, 6 February 2012

Look what I bought !

Ok peeps, look what I got my hands on last week ! Yep, Mudpie have a new downloadable Autumn / Winter 13/14 Magazine for only £9.99 !

 So I couldn't resist & I tell you it has 63 pages of trend bliss ! I still have a lot of night time reading to do but I was very impressed from what I have first read & am looking forward to getting my design juices flowing !

So I know it's a little naughty but here is a tiny taster of what's included ! It's a lot of reading but I am sure once I have studied this I will know what direction to go in for AW 13/14 research ! Shame I am still on SS13 ! Hee hee ! Think I might hold off reading it actually until I finish this season, don't want to confusion one self !

So here they are, a few snippets from the downloadable pdf !
& this is one of the key trends that is showing through !

I like the layout of the pages too, really works with research imagery as the main content but with a few technical drawings in small scale to complete the board !

& of course they look at catwalk collections as inspiration too

Well hope that little insight was of interest & don't forget you can download it at Mudpie now.

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