Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I really adore this ...........

So as I scanned my monthly Elle magazine yesterday I came across a little informative mention about the blogger Fifi-lapin designing a collection with Juicy Couture ! So I went to investigate further & came across a very exciting array of treats !

So I first came across Fifi-lapin some time ago now when I bought a little t-shirt number from the kidswear department that had a very adorable illustration on it ! Then I received a very quirky card number from a close friend & I have been hooked on
the fashionista herself ever since!

So let's just dive in & see what treats Juicy Couture have for us to buy !

Well this is scrumptious. In fact both of these are ! Can't decide which I prefer! Hubby, hope you are reading this & take the hint that these are so up my street !!

Look at these ickle numbers below too ! It's $18.00 for these sketchbooks but that's because they are made for Juicy Couture & are so delightful so I would probably still buy one !
Too Cute !

Then we have a little collection of  cards ! At a pricey $24.00, bit steep I know, but still adorable designs by Fifi-Lapin !

So anyone else a fan ?!

I wanted to order the book some time ago now but it was old out, however I was excited to find out that you can pre-order the next addition that is due to be released in March at Amazon !
I am on it !

I love her !  'Style secrets from a fussy Fashionista' !! How fab is that !
I also found her on twitter yesterday ! Eeek, check her out at @fifilapin. I am her new stacker ! hee hee x

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