Thursday, 2 February 2012

A little announcement......

Good Morning all,

So I am very excited to say at long last that I  am one of the design contributors for Module 2 of  the very creative design course :

For some time I have been collating a report of work that will be used in reference to Rachael's course & showcased with other contributors including leading experts in the surface pattern design field : Trend Bible, Tigerprint, Print & Pattern, Lemon Ribbon & many many more ! The experts include trend companies, leading design bloggers, authors, trade show executives and pattern buyers. See my ickle logo design below & click on the additional link for an update of all the other amazing expert contributors connected with this course!

Click h.e.r.e 

Wanna know what is in store ? Well, I'm afraid you will have to register for Module 2. If like me you are already working in the classroom, then keep an eye out as I should be making an appearance in the next few weeks ! Oh & I believe there will be a little suprise brief in store for you ! hee  hee x

Hope you enjoy & see you all in the classroom. x


  1. i'm popping over from module 2 classroom! great work you've done for the course!
    i'm bookmarking your blog and will be back to visit quite often.

  2. Well helloooooo, tammie! Tanking u, got a nice stories in store on Wednesday! Hope u all like it& get a lot of creativity from it!