Monday, 30 January 2012

Oh Fashion.........

Yep peeps it's time for more F.A.S.H.I.O.N ! Milan fashion week showed off the latest Fall 2012 collections for Menswear with Burberry as always catching my eye. So I decided to create a few moodboards to show you my favourites! Love, Love , Love !

The colour mixes are just divine ! So rich with warmth ! yummy !

These colours work so well together & I would actually buy this little bag number myself ! Well ok dream of buying it, not quite in my price bracket but hey ho I am sure some of the high street stores will have their own interpretations on these out in the Fall !! Interesting !

Patterns are key here ! Polka dots for Men ? In small quantities I think it works ! More likely to see my ickle Spencer wearing them instead of Hubby ! 

All images taken from & then collated by moi !

Gutted, it appears that it is the return of the flat cap !! My hubby loves his (me, not so much ) so once he know's Burberry are all over it there will be no stopping him ! Oh great !

 Now this is where it gets confusing ! I am now currently designing for Spring / Summer 2013, being inspired by the catwalks from September 2011 , however the catwalks are about again & currently showing for Autumn/ Winter 2012 ! You still with me ? Yep I know, it gets a little bit puzzling ! Think I will go into more detail on that one another time ! x

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