Monday, 16 January 2012

It's Monday & what a little treat I have for you today ! Let me introduce you to some of the many scrumptious illustrations from the 'Gorjuss' collection. I adore them, infact I have a little obsession & have quite an assortment cluttering my bedroom including notebooks / china mugs,( these are in the kitchen obviously ) diaires ( Yes plural ) & a calendar .... the list goes on ! So here is a little snippet of some of my favourites by the wonderful Suzanne Woolcott.

This is one from my card collections !

Then from my notebook collections !How old am I again ? Oh yes, 30 not 13 but still love them ! he he

Then we have my little sticky notes !

I have to be honest I don't use them as they are too pretty to waste !

Oh & one more !

So I leave you today with a little bit of Info on the lovely work by Suzanne which you can buy from here. I actually got a few more treats for Christmas off  hubby which he actually brought from Boots ( only seem to do them at xmas though ! Silly really ) including my very cute teapot ! I will try and get a few more pictures on here over the next few weeks if your interested !

Enjoy your day peeps x

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