Monday, 23 January 2012

More tea Vicar.......

Morning all, it's Monday morning & time for a cuppa & a biscuit ! I adore tea, it is sad to say but I would pick a cuppa over an alcoholic beverage any day ! Yes I am now 30 but behaving like a 50 year old & still looking like a teenager ! Odd combination !

Anyway a few weeks ago now there was a chance to put work forward for Mary Portas store in House of Fraser & I has a few ideas I wanted to put forward ! But silly me didn't read the brief correctly & what I thought said deadline for 'emailing' it was in fact sending which meant I didn't even get chance to register ! Silly old me ! What have I learnt from this ,Don't leave deadlines till the last minute & also make sure you fully read the small print instead of just skimming over it last minute !
So I thought why the hell not add my design options onto here , might as well only going to be hidden in the computer otherwise !
 So here we go my little tea cup & saucer ideas ! 

This above option is my favourite of the two !

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