Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Look what I found........

Many moons ago when I just finished my degree back in 2005, I worked as a graphics design assistant for a character license suppliers near Manchester.

See the two graphics at the top right ? Well these where taken from the Bubblegum character books we used to be supplied with each season & then we had to find ways of using these graphics on nightwear garment designs !
So I thought I would just show you snippets of the work I used to produce while I was there ! While I tend to work on very detailed design packs in my current freelance role, at this particular company it was to be kept very clean with the graphics being the main focus.

As mentioned these are from several years ago so my design style has moved on from then but it is always good to get a little bit more insight in to my style of working !
Enjoy your day peeps !

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