Monday, 30 January 2012

Nice ickle mention..........

Morning folks ! Hope no-one has the Monday blues on this chilly day ! I am actually quite chirpy considering & was also excited to see a piece of my work on Rachael Taylors blog on Friday. Or was it thursday? Can't quite remember as the days kinda blend into one at the moment !

Anyway here is the piece that was showcased a long with other work from some very talented peeps ! Why tanking you Rach !

 Also see below the alternative colourway I did ! I think the colours are a little more vibrant on this option but can't decide which I prefer more ! What are your thoughts ?

Oh & here is a close up of my little quirky number at the bottom left ! Random but made me giggle !

Enjoy your day peeps !

Oh & did I say that it is the start of Module 2 today of the Surface Pattern E-course ! So off I trot to get inspired ! x

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