Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A snippet into my design world........

Well I thought it was about time I showed you a little bit more garment design work instead of overloading you with print creations ! Now my main area of expertise is in fact trend forecast & garment design. I have over 6 years experience working with a large selection of retail high street stores & key Uk brands. This work below was sketched for AW11- So would have gone into store last September onwards depending on what delivery hits they did ! I can't be giving all our  design secrets away though, so I have just photocopied a few key CAD sheets for you to view. Let's say a behind the scenes view of it all !  Enjoy x

These have been designed in-house. This particular brief was designed for the well-known internet website ASOS. We looked at key trends & shapes at designer level as well as what was already on the high street from other key trend stores ( ie : topshop / River Island ) & then developed a collection of Outerwear options for them to select from !

Other details that need to be finalised when designing garments are the fabrics & trims used for a product as well as the measurements of the jacket. We normally collate what 'we in the industry' call a size spec !
When sampling most companies sample in a Medium for Menswear & either a Size 10 or 12 for Ladieswear depending on the company. From personal experience stores like Marks and Spencers will always sample in size 12 , where as the likes of ASOS & Topshop which is a younnger target customer will sample in Size 10.

These boards are created on Illustrator & once a CAD is selected with the buyers we tend to proceed with sampling the garment. Sampling involves sending these CADS ( Computer aided designs ) over to our over-seas factories for them to make a mock-up of the jacket for the buyer to decide whether they will buy the garment for production.

It is always important when producing design packs that you include as much information about the design as possible.


There we go, a little insight into my design world when I worked in-house as a freelance designer at an Outerwear company ! Only a snippet of what I do mind & I hope I have explained myself properly with it all !! Head back tomorrow as I plan to show you a design board of a few jackets I created that made it to store this AW !! 

Oh & did I tell you that 'Caggie' from 'Made in  Chelsea' was seen wearing one of my designs created for Barneys only a few months ago ? Well that is a whole other blog post that I hope to share with you when possible ! So stay tuned x

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