Friday, 18 November 2011

Back again...............

Me again ! ( just giggled to myself, don't ask ! Long day ! )

While I know I shouldn't be posting these as they are hot off the press, I thought what the hell as it's important to show you snippets of work I am currently developing ( Note: this particular design haven't been selected from any clients so that is why I can show you ) Anyway.......... here's two boards so you can get a little flavour of what I have been upto !! Enjoy x

Click on image to make bigger !


I have several different trend forecast resources which helps me in creating new & upto date collections. The body silhoutte for this particular garment design has originated from one of my trend styling 2012 /13 books which includes vector files. But of course I have altered it accordingly to make it my own, taking inspiration from key designers & strong looks about on the street ! This garment was orginally a gilet outline & I have made it a full sleeved version with contrast fabric panels to sit in with the influencial Burberry designs currently available in store. 

All work in progress but thought it would be good to get a few on here ! Would love to know what you think ?!

As you can see from my blog my design work is quite varied which is always a good thing when trying to secure new freelance work ! I love trend forecasting & this then makes design work flow so much easier over multi-products as I make sure I have done my research ( I am obsessed with research )
Goodnight for now & I will be posting a few more thoughts next week ! 
Night x 

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