Monday, 21 November 2011

Hello peeps !

Well I have just had an ickle time-out with a nice cuppa & a gossip mag , I noticed a few trend alerts that I needed to share ! Let talk S.T.A.R.S !

After Dolce & Gabbana flashed it about on the AW Catwalks at the beginning of the year , the high street have been quick to get their own inspired versions in store asap !! 

I decided to do a little product board just on Topshops 'Star' inspired garments & accessories & as you can see, it's S.T.A.R- Overload !

There are so many different ways to use star graphics on products. Print designs / sequin embellishments & even laser cut stars details!  

I actually created this little print board below a few months ago for some childrenswear clients in mind. But as stars are out & about as we speak in store, I best let you see it.

So here goes.....da da............

Do you like ? x

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