Friday, 4 November 2011

My Love For T.O.K.Y.O continued.........

So to carry on , how about an ickle pic of me in the city that never sleeps !!  Ok, so that's New York but I can imagine it's the same here !

Right, now this next photo is a bit random but it has been my inspiration over the last few days, developing a few quirky prints. The photo was taken from a window display we came across. It's unusual & really got my attention so take a look !

Check out my print developments based around this image later tonight !!

I know not long to wait is it ?! It's just I have been away from the blog for far too long that I feel the need to make up for it tonight & overload you with scrumptious design ideas.

 Here's a ickle snippet for you now though. x x

hehehe x x Do you like ?! Then stay tuned for my design board x x

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