Friday, 18 November 2011

So cute .........

Well Hello !

Ok, I have gone in a completely different direction from Wednesday's post & want to show you a few of my new print ideas. I have been working on some toddler prints on & off for the last few weeks now so here are just a few for you all ! What do you think ?! My colourways still need a little bit of work but not a bad start ! Do you agree ?!

I always seem to go for soft tones in colour , but I think I need to be a little more daring with my colour palette ! Ye, after re-looking at them, I may just have to play around with the colours a bit more & maybe show you a few more options in the next few weeks !

I love the repeat print of the cute caterpillars ! I think this design would look adorable on some babygro's ! Bit girly for my ickle Spencer so maybe I should also do a more neutral palette that can be for either girl or boy ! hhhhmmmmmm, think I will add another thing to my never-ending list ! he he

Enjoy your weekend peeps x x


  1. Thanks Rach, going to try a few other colourways in the next few weeks ! If I get chance that is ! he he x x