Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Hello all, I am home from my little birthday vacation to Stratford-Upon-Avon & it really was a lovely relaxing few days with my family ! So back to the drawing board & I am very excited to have registered for The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course which is a collaboration between Rachael Taylor &  Beth Nicholls. Please do click on the two links to see more information on these two very inspirational ladies !

So I'm in are you ?

It started on Monday the 14th of November & while I am yet to get creative, involving myself in the exercises, I have been able to take a sneak peak into the first two lessons while I was away. I am very excited to see how the next 4 weeks classes unfold ! yippee x

There are 3 seperate Modules which can be taken in a combination or individually!

Module 1 : Designing your own way !

This is the first of 3 which began on Monday & runs for 4 weeks ! Don't worry if you have just missed out on registering for this peeps, I have heard on the grape vine that they will be doing this again next May !
Image created by Rachael Taylor

Module 2 : Creating your professional identity!
(4 weeks, beginning Monday 16 January 2012)So as you can see loads of time before this begins so do click here for more information !
Image created by Rachael Taylor

Module 3 : Montetising your designs!
(4 weeks, beginning Monday 20 February 2012) Again click here for more information

Image created by Rachael Taylor

Do you like the sound of this ?! Well get registering &  I will see you in the classroom ! With so many people already registered for these modules, I am looking forward to seeing what scrumptious designs others create x

Night all x

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