Thursday, 24 November 2011

More designs................

Thursday all ready ? How did that happen ?! So I received my Asos Jan12 Magazine yesterday & what a treat ! I am not quite sure how I started receiving this free mag but I'm guessing as I am a regular shopper at the site , I must have got added to the mailing list ! I am certainly not complaining though as this is a great mag & not just for the latest trends from the very influencial website. It has allsorts of interesting articles.

So as I was reading through it , I came across 'an essential guide to the 2012 new trends, inspiring faces, film, music & fabulous beauty'

So the first thing that stood out for me straight away was the mention of the Olympics !

Titled in the Asos mag as 'Olympic fever' I think that is very apt ! I have already noticed a lot of design takes on the british flag out & about on the high street & this is set to continue for 2012. I personally think it is going to be really on trend for practically everything ! Clothes, accessories, homeware, stationary etc...... etc.......... 

It also mentioned how the catwalks from this August / September (S/S 12) had a lot of Sports references happening which again is surely influenced by the 2012 olympics!

I actually designed a quirky print idea inspired by the british flag when the Royal wedding took place with Wills & Kate. I made it my own by playing around with the teardrop shape & then added it to some bag templates.
                          Do you like ?!

Now this particular design hasn't been selected, however all work on here is still subject to copyright. If you are interested in a particular design please email :

Now......after my travels post I did yesterday I thought I would mix up the colourways a little bit further & have a bit of fun with the palettes! See what you think !

There are so many vibrant colours visible in this image & I have only taken a small selection but had a little play around with shades.

Which is your favourite ?

I like the one below which I think is a little bit funky!
My eyes are actually going a little blurry from looking at these for far too long ! x

Oh & do head back tomorrow as I have a bit more information to add in from the Asos mag which might interest some of you !

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